A thing that I did over vacation

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! This blog post is about the moment that happened during the Spring Vacation! There was a time when I didn’t go out for 3 days or 4 days maybe? And my mom take me and my brother to eat steak. It was called “Vin Steak” and it was really cheap to eat steak. You may have seen this in one of my blog posts!


(Answer the name of the post in the comment please…:) )


When we arrived we were too hungry because it took us about 1 hour? Or 50 minutes. SO we quickly looked at the menu and we were waiting for an appetizer, main dish, and dessert! For our appetizer, we got a salad and a soup! And for the main menu is the Beef Steak. Beefsteak was juicy and on one plate it had all the things that were healthy. For the dessert, we ordered brownie with ice-cream on the top and the brownie was freshly baked! So the ice-cream started to melt so it was perfect lunch for me!


Even do it was a short post but thank you to the ones that read my blog post and please answer my question in the comment!


From, Jenny

March Madness Book Tournament

 March Madness

Book Tournament!


This blog post will about March Madness book tournament! I think this is a really fun thing to do in the class. So the rules are there are 16 books in total and the 2 of books are doing a tournament and the book that won the other book will battle with other book and it will take a hard time to choose which books will be the best book in 2018 in our class! There are Wonder, Savvy , I’m Malala, The wild robot, A long walk to water, The phantom tollbooth, Friendle, Holes, Diary of a wimpy kid, Magic Finger, Dinosaur before dark, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Stone Fox, Tiger rising, Tales of fourth grade nothing, The Witches! I think the book A long long walk to water will win from this book tournament will win because it’s a very important and sad story that happened some years ago and it’s also happening in somewhere in Africa!


This idea was from our teacher which is Ms.McGrain made this idea from the march madness basketball tournament and she thought this could be like a good time to read a lot of books to be helpful so that’s why we are doing this tournament! I’m excited about the voting to choose which book is better than this so we could recommend some book that was the winner of our class!


Have a Wonderful week and thank you for reading my blog post!


What do you think will be the winner of these books and why?

       Funny Stories From Vacation

           Funny Stories From Vacation


Hi, there this blog post will be about the fun story that happened on Vacation! ( Tet Break ) So my story is on Tet there is a traditional game in Korea called Yut! And our family decided to make a deal and winner can get 500,000 vnd! My brother said he will win and I will be the last and we made a deal with me and my brother! While we are playing the game me and my brother had the same scores we were keeping catching each other and being angry at each other.When the game was getting over I thought my brother will win the game but I got 2 more scores and I was outstanding by the scores!

Finally, I was the 1st place and my brother was the last.Our family made a deal the last person have to buy the ice-creams and winner can get all the moneys that we decided to put money for each person and I got all moneys and I also got the lucky money and I was so happy about the moneys that I have!


Last summer vacation we bought some game and this year I will keep some money to get a computer! Our computer is broken so I’m using my brothers and it’s uncomfortable! And I’m gonna buy a book and some snacks because I love foods! HaHa 🙂


Have a nice day and Thank you everyone for reading this blogpost!

What do I do after the school?

   What do I do after the school?


What are some things that you do after the class?I usually go to academy or I just rest for some time! But when I go academy it’s really busy and tired be for the academy. If I don’t go to the academy in that day I take shower and do my school/academy homework! After that, I ate my dinner and play some games 🙂 And there is my favorite math game it’s called Prodigy! It’s really fun and it’s similar to the adventure game. If I play this the times goes so fast and it’s almost time for sleep! And it helps me to study some of the math games 🙂


I’m Sorry that this blog post was too too….short I’m really sorry! I’m running out of the time so I gotta go! Sorry and have a great day!


From Jenny!


In this year I will try to make a world in a better place with something that I learn in class.First 2 people that a world place is my mom and dad!
I will make the world in a better place for them because they always help me when I need a help or they listen my stories.The way to make the world better is I can be nice and be respectful for everyone and when I grew up I want to stay with them and give them a money and they can travel around the world!Also I will make the world very comfortable and clean for them.
One way to make the each day happier!For make each day happier I will make the each day special and find things what I like and do them in everyday.That way I think each day will be really special for me.Also I can help anyone and make their day happier too.Now I’m trying to find it but because that I don’t have really long time to think and do stuffs,so if I have a time I will try this!
One thing to make our school better place!One thing is being respectful and listen when someone is talking.For example in our class there is 15 of us and we only got 1 teacher which is Ms.McGrain!If one of us talks and everyone starts to talk.And the class goes really loud and Ms.McGrain has to stop us talking is fun but she could be very tired.So from now on I will try to talk when she say we can talk.Also be nice to my classmates!
One last thing is…8 ways to be kind in 2018!
1.I will always try to help someone who needs help.They will be happy if you help someone!
2.Be respectful for everyone!If you are not being respectful it’s not good!
3.Don’t do crazy things!It’s dangerous if you do crazy stuffs.
4.Smile to someone even you don’t know.Someone that you smile will think that you are really nice.Also they will smile back too!
5.Try hard to make world better.
6.Try to be friend with everyone.
7.Don’t do the things that someone doesn’t like that makes everyone uncomfortable!
8.Try everything to make this success!

I will try my best!I hope you have a great day!:)


 New Year Resolution

                           New Year Resolution

My new year resolution is getting better at my words and the grammar.Because I’m not that good at these things so I want to improve on this year and it could be really helpful when I get better on it.And I will try to make it better but it’s hard to do it.But still I’m using my time to make it better and I like to make something better!Also, it’s fun when we work together and doing the lesson together like me and my friend.Studying is more fun if we are working together like in the school but my classmates in the academy are more fun in doing 3 people.

My different resolution is being nicer to my friends or getting more good grades in the school, so that way I can make my mom happy that I got more grades.Also, I’m happy too and I got….a little bit of proudness(?)

Also, I want to travel a lot with my family and take some pictures and put in on the picture book.So I can check out where did I go with our family when I was young and it would be the memory!And also our family doesn’t go a lot of travel so that one thing that I want to do it.


To do these things I really want to try it hard.If I succeed in that it would be really happy!And I also want to try this with someone and at the last of the year, I can see what I did something for my resolution!I can do this to make everyone happy(?!)That’s all that I want to do it!


I hope you have a great week!


From Jenny!

Week End/ Some Stories!

This blog post is somethings that I did in the weekend!
When it’s weekend I usually play a boardgame with my friend or do my homework.If not we are just kind of playing around with our family and wishing that school day would come more faster,because me and Seo Yeon is in same academy and we have to go there in Mon~Fri we have to memorize like 18 or 20 words in everyday.That’s why I hate vacation.I thought I would just read a book and relaxing at home but it was so different than that.


Also it was fun but I want to see my classmates but I saw only a few of them.And I think school is more fun than a academy.IN academy there are only few of friends but in school there is alot more friends that’s waiting for me!(?) So in my way I think school is better.

Have a great day!

Phu Quoc!

               Phu Quoc!


This blog post is about what did I did on the Winter Vacation!First, our family missed a flight that’s going to Phu Quoc ahhahhaa….But we paid more money want to buy another ticket(?)And then we go to Vinpearl Resort, my mom rent a villa that is 1 floor but still it was large and it also has 3 TVs(?)

So we mostly spend time in the villa.After the first day we go to Amusement Park want to see lots of things and also we want to ride Amusement park rides and it was a really fun thing!Fountain show at night and it was great.Also, we go to the beach and I walked with my dad for about 30 mins and my pants got really wet because of the wave.That was all that we did in Phu Quoc!


Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope you have a great day and Happy New Year!



What I Want To Do In My Winter Break!

What I want to do in my Winter Vacation!

This blog post is what I want to do in my winter vacation. I think in my Winter vacation we are going somewhere in Vietnam!But I’m sad about that I’m not going to Korea,and that my family is not coming to Vietnam.I thought that my family is coming to Vietnam but they are not coming but!
I’m happy that me,dad,mom,and my brother is going Phu Quoc!

I think my mother rent a house or villa and it has swimming pool 🙂 I want to go there and play with my family and I want to buy a postcard for our class and buy some stuffs in Phu Quoc nad give it to my friends 🙂
Also I’m excited about that I got a new book to read,and my plan is to finish it on winter break.

Also Linh said that she is also going to Phu Quoc, so I wish that I could meet Linh on Phu Quoc and share some things about what we did on Phu Quoc!After tomorrow I’m free for 3 weeks but I have to do my little bit of mt homework and that’s all!I hope you have a break and thank you for reading my blog post!
From:Jenny 🙂

Student Blogging Challenge Reflection!

Hello everyone, it’s Jenny and welcome to my blog!

  Student Blogging Challenge Reflection!

I wrote 10 blog posts!I got 9 comments from classmates,3 from teachers, and 16 from overseas!I got most comments on The best thing I ever ate!And I think it was a great blog post! I enjoyed writing about Global warming, and it’s because of I didn’t really have lots of knowledge about Global warming and it was great chance to know about it :)I changed the themes because I think if we change the themes of our blog it could look more better and nice so I decided to change iI think I have bolgroll, visitors, student blogging challenge badge (?), meta (?), categories, archives(?), recent comments, and recent posts…ho…that was a lot I think I don’t know if I did a correct thing..!I have 3 overseas students on my blogroll.

I think I learned even that we don’t know our face and we are not friends we can communicate with our writing and I also think it was really really great chance to know different people and I might do this 1 more time!:) Thank you, everyone, that commented on my blog!

Hope you have a great day!

From, Jenny

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